To get great at anything in life we need repetition.  Team training environments such as practice sessions and games do not often give players the amount of ball touches they need in order to be successful in soccer.  CORE was specifically designed to maximize touches. Players can receive more quality touches in a 90-second CORE game than in a 1-hour practice session or in 2 full youth soccer games.  1 hour in one of our pods can equate to an entire season of touches while training with a team.

Cognitive Decision Making

CORE training is thoughtful training. It is important that youth players learn how to play “head-up” soccer, be aware of their surroundings and always be making decisions.  CORE Technology allows players to do this outside of a group training environment like never before. Our system of LED lights encourages and reinforces the habit of keeping a player’s  “head on a swivel” and our 360-degree environment develops a new level of field awareness. With the CORE system, players will constantly be making decisions about where to pass and how to receive the ball.


Youth players need to enjoy training in order to have long-term success in soccer. Developing a great touch on the ball and good passing technique can often be boring for youth soccer players. CORE Soccer Wall Technology turns training into a fun and interactive game where you can compete against yourself, your teammates and friends.


One of the greatest skills in the game of soccer is passing and this can only be developed by repetition.  The sensors in our system are positioned so that players need to focus on the accuracy and pace of their passes in order to optimize their scores. 


The basics of soccer do not change much as players get older.  What changes most is the speed of the game. Our technology teaches and develops a speed of play mentality and players will get the repetitions needed to be able to control the ball quicker and more accurately as well as get it off their foot at a faster pace.

First touch

Studies have shown that the #1 factor between a good player and a world-class player is their first touch on the ball.  Although kicking a ball against any wall is a great way for players to develop a great first touch, the shape of the CORE “Pods” has been specifically designed to force players to receive the ball in different directions and with different weights.  CORE technology teaches players how to shape their bodies with a variety of receiving angles in order to directionalize their first touch and to receive while turning.


Many youth players tend to sweep under the ball or keep their toe down when passing.  This creates balls that are inaccurate and difficult to control by their teammates. The sensor areas of CORE Technology are low to the ground to reinforce the behavior of striking the middle of the ball with the toe up in order to develop a “grass cutting” passing technique that is easier for their teammates to receive.

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Teaching youth players to use both feet is always a challenge for coaches but it is a skill that all high level players must demonstrate.  Our system develops confidence and encourages players to use their non-dominant foot. Players will quickly learn that they need to utilize both their feet In order to maximize their scores.  


It can be easy for players to perform in activities without any pressure but great players play well under any circumstances.  Different elements of the CORE technology games such as being on a clock or the pressure to access your environment quickly simulate the mental demands of a game environment.

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The quick movements needed to best play CORE is a great way for players to train their agility and footwork.  Our technology will also test the limits of your physical AND MENTAL stamina. A 90 second CORE game is in effect, a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) system.  It gives players the unique opportunity to train both their motor skills, and their mental acuity under fatigued conditions.

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