What is CORE Soccer Tech?

CORE is a soccer training experience unlike any other. Using proprietary sensors and software, our system turns learning into a game where you can compete against yourself, friends, teammates, and other players all while training key fundamental aspects of soccer.  Our gameplay focuses on decision making, passing, receiving, and ball striking. These are the skills that are most utilized in soccer and are often under-trained by youth players. CORE Technology provides a platform for youth players to quickly develop multiple facets of their game in a fun training environment. 

The leader in proprietary indoor soccer training technology.

Our pods allow kids to self-train in an addictive, challenging, and fun gameplay environment. Training in our 360 Pod increases delivers a minimum of 1200 touches in a 1 hour session…and up to 3000!! One minute of training in our Pod is equivalent to the number of touches in a one-hour game! Our Pods are designed with ball-guiding sensors, lights, score-tracking software, and a leaderboard that takes repetition training from boring to exhilarating.

Memory-makers and confidence-builders.

When you step into CORE, we all share a common love and passion for the game of soccer. CORE’s staff upholds a posisitve learning environment that eliminates the stress and pressure that may come with traditional training methods. We keep players engaged, uplifted, and motivated to continue building their skills.

A training experience that doesn’t feel like training

There is no substitute for repetition training. We’ve simply enhanced the experience through gaming, technology, and human interaction. CORE Soccer eliminates distraction and allows players to hone in on their own game in the 360 Pod. Players are rewarded with physical goods for hitting milestones, a token of pride that represents more than just a pat on the back.

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